Energy & Technology


Canar Energy & Technology

Our newest division, Canar Energy and Technology is built on a belief in the importance of providing innovative ideas that promote sustainability and save energy and resources. We are dealing exclusively with eco-friendly technology and products that promote green energy solutions. These include products such as Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) and electricity saving devices (APFC).


Products & Services

Atmospheric Water Generators

We supply environmentally safe, air-to-water generating machines that are designed to produce 20L to 1000L of clean drinking water in a 24-hour cycle. These machines are beneficial to both domestic and commercial users, as well as being solar-compatible and user-friendly. Various models and renting options are available.

Automatic Power Factor Control

We are authorized to provide turnkey solutions for power factor correction as well as harmonic mitigation as per IEEE-519-1996. This correction ultimately enables the consumer to save electricity consumption which in turn helps save on electricity bills and improves production. A range of advanced equipment is available by contacting our sales team.